Math help algebra- solving algebraic equations with easy to follow steps

If you are searching for math help algebra, you should consider the “two-stage algebraic equation calculation”. With the two-step approach, you can simply isolate the variable through the use of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and division steps. There are five steps involved in this approach, these are;

• Write down the problem,

• Decide whether to isolate the variable term or use the subtraction, multiplication or addition method,

• Add or subtract the constant on both sides of the equation,

• Eliminate the variable co-efficient through multiplication or division, and

• Solve for the variable component of the equation.

 Math help algebra- steps 1 and 2

Write down the equation and visualize a solution to it. Assuming the Algebraic equation is -4y+7=15, your second step is to keep the {-4y} on one side, while the constant whole numbers are on the other side. In order to achieve the second step you need to make use of an “additive inverse” technique and this means you find the opposite of +7 which is -7, and subtract this from both side in order to cancel out the variable term and keep the equation balance. The rule of Algebra is to maintain balance on both sides, therefore “-7” must be subtracted from both sides.

Math Help algebra- steps 3 of the 2-stage technique

The third step in the two-stage algebra calculation is the subtraction of the chosen item {-7} from both sides of the equation, these are; -4y+ 7= 15 , therefore the equation becomes -4x+7-7=15-7.  Isolating the variable term from the equation from the left side will leave no constant {that means 0 and -4y} , while the number on the right side turns to 8 { that is 15-7=8}. The equation at this stage turns to -4y=8.

Math help algebra- steps 4 and 5 of the 2-stage technique

The last 2 steps of the 2-stage math help algebra is the elimination of the variable’s coefficient through multiplication or division {the co-efficient is always attached to the variable in algebraic equations}. In the equation above equation, the co-efficient is -4 , and in order to remove the {-4} coefficient, you need to divide both sides by -4 , and in the equation, the y will be multiplied by -4 which means the opposite of the operation { division} must be applied on both sides. Always keep in mind that whatever step you take in the two-way technique for algebra must apply to both sides. The equation turns to -4y/-4 = 8/-4

Math help algebra- step 5 of the 2-stage technique

The final step of the two-stage math help algebra technique in algebra is to solve for the variable and this stage has already be done in the fourth step, therefore your final equation becomes y=-2. Therefore , you can now use {-2} in place of Y in the equation. If you have two or more variables in an algebraic equations, working out the value of one of the variables will help you find the other variables through substitution.